Scrim Vinyl

Scrim Vinyl is a 100% solid material ideal for added privacy. When backlit some shadowing can occur. Reverse side white.

Supreme Mesh Vinyl

Supreme Mesh Vinyl is a light-weight and wind-permeable material. This product does not provide complete privacy or opacity. Reverse side white.


Block-Out is a heavy-duty, 100% solid material ideal for total privacy and complete opacity. Reverse side black.

All three products are available with printing on both sides.

Fence Fabric is a unique product that will transform an ordinary fence into a classic stone wall, a beautiful hedge, a pristine landscape, or another high-quality design of your choice.

Prints are expanded just beyond the dimensions of the project and then folded and bound at the edges to provide seamless images at full size.

These are the edge choices:

Heat Welds

The standard edge. An electric current is passed through the material along the folded edges to bind the layers together
at the molecular level.

Reinforced Sewn Edges
An extra strip of material is inserted at the edges before binding with a double stitch for superior strength. This feature is available for an extra charge and is recommended for projects in windy areas and for heights over 6 feet.

Fastening Options
We provide grommeting at 12” intervals to allow for greater weight distribution along the fence. This is best for areas with moderate to heavy winds. The fastening options are as follows:

Heavy Duty Grommets
These durable metal fasteners work
with zip ties or other hardware to
secure Fence Fabric to your fence.

No Fasteners
Depending on the nature of your project you may choose to omit fasteners.
One option for certain projects is
screwing directly to an iron fence or
a frame. Another option is the use of
pole pockets, wherein the material is folded over and bound to create space
for a wooden or metal pole.

Wind Slits
Wind slits can be added to any Fence Fabric project to allow wind to pass through. As this can detract somewhat from the realism and overall appearance of a print, as well as the long-term structural integrity of the material, you should consider Supreme Mesh Vinyl as an alternate wind-permeable material.